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Education and training are important aspects of informing your dental team, workers and managers about workplace hazards and controls. This is necessary so that they can work safely, be more productive, and adhere to compliance requirements. Another part of education and training, however, is to provide workers and managers with a greater understanding of the safety and health program itself, so that they can contribute to its development and implementation. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you this article on steps to ensure OSHA and HIPAA compliance through training.

Let’s begin with OSHA.

How to Become OSHA Compliant?

OSHA, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was created to keep workers safe by providing education and assistance to businesses. One critical part of the OSHA is to ensure that workers receive access to satisfactory training for the conceivably dangerous parts of their jobs.

Employee Training Concepts and Best Practices under OSHA

  • One of the main underlying principles OSHA is to provide training to employees in such a way that they appreciate it.
  • Another paradigm of OSHA is to provide training to employees in online OSHA app or software.
  • If all employees are not fluent in the English language, then OSHA prescribes that either the employees should be given materials that should be translated to their desired language, or the material should be originally created in their desired language.
  • Training requirements in OSHA are divided into several categories:-
  • General industry
  • Maritime
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Federal Employee Program
  • In every instance of safety training, it is recommended that businesses keep records of training schedules, attendance, results, feedback, etc.

Training Documentation and Instruction Requirement in OSHA

  • In addition to the OSHA’s pre-specified that  training standards, it also evaluates companies against overarching standards for training documentation and delivery.
  • These include storing records of training coursework and attendance of employees for three years, unless any other period is specified, and delivering training by competent instructors in a manner employees understand.
  • Many OSHA standards demand and specify that training must be documented and stored for a period of time. Plus, if you are audited by OSHA, one of the first things they’ll request for is your training record.
  • Companies may choose to document training in proper paper files, digital records, or both.
  • Paper records are not very expensive, but they must be properly stored and organized so that they are easy to locate when needed.
  • Digital records allow easy and consistent updates across all the teams, and, if the software has an export function, they can easily be transferred to PDF files for printing.

This completes our overview of OSHA. 

Now let’s take a look at HIPAA.

Need for HIPAA Training & Compliance

Any company that handles sensitive client information like health records, addresses, diagnoses, and so on is required by law to protect that information. HIPAA compliance training for dentistry practitioners and dental offices keeps on track that you, your company, and all your employees, are doing everything they can to keep your client’s information safe and private.

Who Needs HIPAA Compliance Training?

People who need HIPAA compliance training include frontline workers, administrators, firemen, doctors, dentists, physicians, residents on rotation, and everyone who handles patient information. Other companies which require undergoing HIPAA are:-

  • Employer group health plans
  • Health insurance companies
  • Healthcare clearing houses

Is It Mandatory?

For certain organizations where work done is dangerous, it is mandatory to take up HIPAA training for employees.

HIPAA compliance training must be implemented in offices like front desk offices dental office, doctor’s office, fireman’s office, etc. 

Front desk workers training, doctors’ training, dentists’ training, and all other health worker training must be done mandatorily to comply with the HIPAA.

Is HIPAA Training Required Every Year?

The rules for HIPAA compliance training for employees state that HIPAA refresher training should be offered to all employees “periodically.” While this is open to elucidation, it is best practice for your company to provide annual HIPAA training. Governmental rules and regulations change every year, and your company is required to keep employees informed on the latest rules.


Various eLearning platforms are available to become compliant to the HIPAA training and also OSHA training.

Online OSHA and online HIPAA training on many websites and even various software is available in the market.

However, reliable OSHA and HIPAA training requires comprehensive coverage of the material and simple, lucid explanations in audiovisual format. It also needs to be targeted to specific healthcare verticals like dentistry, for example, which we at ToothCE specialize in. Learn more about us.

Deepti Sahi
Author: Deepti Sahi