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Compliance for dental offices comes in many different forms. But perhaps two of the most important among them are OSHA and HIPAA training and certification for the dental practitioners and the dental office staff. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) covers training for general safety and health hazards at the workplace such as dental offices, while the HIPAA refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is a federal law that safeguards Patient Health Information (PHI). 

The former U.S. Deputy Attorney General, Paul McNulty, once said, “If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.” These words also hold true for OSHA and HIPAA certification for dental offices. 

Did you know? The typical OSHA penalties for lack of training and certification compliance can reach up to USD 50,000. While in 2019, the average HIPAA fine was more than $1 million! Apart from fines and penalties, lack of training can also lead to health hazards and accidental breaches which can make a dent in your pocket. Goes without saying that opting for a one-stop training and certification solution for your dental office is the best way to keep your practice safe.

ToothCE has been operating in the dental training and compliance space since [year] and offers high-quality and interactive courses that are created by HIPAA and OSHA experts for dental office compliance. It is a full-service solution with a wide range of compliance courses and certifications through a cloud-based server that is easy to administer and track. 

Here are three reasons why ToothCE’s all-in-one dental training and compliance solution is the best bet for dental offices across the country.

1. Covers All the Courses Required for Successful Dental Office Compliance

Whether it is OSHA-required courses like Dental Bloodborne Pathogens & Sharps Safety and Dental Office Safety, or HIPAA-required courses and other important courses for safe dental practice like Infection Control, ToothCE walks the extra mile to ensure that your dental employees have every training and certification module that they need to be productive, safe, and liability-free at work while ensuring that you pass compliance audit with flying colors.

2. Ensures Convenience, Cost-effectiveness, and a Zero-hassle Experience

One of the major reasons why dental employers often end up failing to ensure training and certification compliance is that the process itself tends to be inconvenient. By ensuring an online mode for taking the courses, getting evaluated, and acquiring certifications, ToothCE ensures that your daily business is not affected by your training and compliance activities. 

At ToothCE, trainees can retake the course as many times as necessary until they pass and obtain the OSHA/HIPAA certificate. Our educators have a proven track record in ensuring that the most updated information is shared in a digestible manner through our courses. Our web-based training and certification can be used for both individuals and group-based training. We provide the option to white-label our platform for your own dental office brand as well.

3. End-to-end Delivery of Courses for all Staff Levels with a Need-based Approach

ToothCE courses are designed such that whether you are looking for a guided dental compliance introduction for entry-level staff, in-depth training for mid-level and senior members of your professional dental team, or support to dental employers to reduce their future non-compliance liability – our content covers it all. 

Our online OSHA/HIPAA training modules cover policies and procedures, updated OSHA/HIPAA clauses, OSHA/HIPAA provisions in practice, case studies of compliance breaches, question-answer support, office checklists for items necessary for compliance, State-specific OSHA and HIPAA compliance, and much more.

Our cloud-based learning management system (LMS) enables your employees to take the course from your office or from their homes and comes with essential features for a seamless experience like course handling, reporting, tracking, and periodic reminders along with the option for dental offices to customize the training as per their needs and requirements. 

ToothCE’s comprehensive video training bundles and online document and training management modules ensure that your employees get a live classroom experience from the comfort of their homes and offices. We ensure that you are always at the top of your OSHA/HIPAA compliance activities, gap analysis and risk assessments, training and certification, and successful breach handling.Compliance requirements for OSHA and HIPAA are complex and keep changing and evolving, but our guided instructions, interactive teaching methodology, materials, and checklists can give confidence to your employees that they are fully prepared in the event of an inspection. To know more about our dental office training solutions, please visit toothce.com or contact us at contact@toothce.com.

Deepti Sahi
Author: Deepti Sahi