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Protecting patient data confidentiality in dental offices, ensuring the safety of your dental team, and reducing non-compliance liability for your dental business/practice are too important to be gambled with. Yet, many dental office owners and dental practitioners are happy to enroll their employees for the occasional free webinar, believing that it would be enough.

The bottom line is this: you can either invest wisely in training your dental team and making them compliant or spend that money to pay hefty fines and embarrassing penalties. The call is yours!

This is where we at ToothCE come in. Our instructors and dental training educators have many years of OSHA and HIPAA training experience, while our online training and eLearning platform focuses on combining top-class dental compliance training with convenience, access, and affordability. Here are 3 ways in which we make online OSHA and HIPAA training for dental practitioners, staff, and dental offices easy, effective, and hassle-free.

1. Access Dental Compliance Training for OSHA, HIPAA, and More – Anytime, Anywhere

Our world-class dental compliance training courses are available for access online 24/7 and 365 days a year. All you need is a computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet, and you are good to go. Our web-based dental training can be accessed online from cloud-based servers including well-structured materials like training videos, periodic reviews, final test, remedial help, refresher courses, onboarding courses, and final certificate. 

When enrolled in groups, our multi-user login feature ensures that you can forget about IT hassles and get your team to focus on the training and excelling at dental compliance through OSHA and HIPAA. Admins and course managers will automatically receive transcript scores and certificates on completion, thereby saving time, and preventing any manual errors.

2. We Put the Learning Needs of Your Team First, and Align It with Your Business Goals

On completion of dental OSHA and HIPAA training to a satisfactory level, training certificates can be instantly given away via email or by printing it out.  All tests are graded online and happen in real-time. Any trainee can attempt a test or undergo the training of a module as many times as they want. Allocating CE credits to your team was never easier, as our platform puts all these features together to make OSHA and HIPAA dental training extremely easy for you.

3. We Combine Theoretical Learning with Experiential Training and Organizational Support

We don’t just stop at teaching your staff what to do. We also get to the bottom of it. We conduct checks to see if they are doing it right. For example, conducting audits for OSHA to assess your dental office’s compliance with the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, ensuring proper implementation of the Hazard Communication Standard, and following up on CDC’s infection control guidelines are just a few of our efforts in that direction. For dental HIPAA compliance, we invest time in risk assessments that uncover the hidden holes in your data safety procedures and potential threats from cybercrime and ransomware. 

ToothCE focuses on compliance outcomes and not just on rolling out one course after another. Pick a standard course from our portfolio of offerings or simply reach out to us to hire our experts to design an online dental compliance program for you matching your custom needs and budget constraints. To learn more about our work, visit toothCE.com, or write to us at contact@toothce.com.

Deepti Sahi
Author: Deepti Sahi