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Practical Safety Education
Dentists for Dentistry

ToothCE, is a US based B2B online education company that uses Learning Management System (LMS), founded by Dr. Raghunath (Ragu) Puttaiah and Mr. Vishal Sood.

Dr. Puttaiah is a Public Health Dentist, who completed his graduate studies in Epidemiology, Dental Public Health (MPH & Residency in Dental Public Health), was awarded the first Johnson & Johnson Post-Doctoral Fellowship in ‘Infectious Disease Control in Dentistry’ at UT Health Science Center-Dental School. He retired as a Tenured Professor from Texas A&M University College of Dentistry after 24 years in state service. He is a world-renowned scientific and educational expert in Dental Infection Control & Safety.

Mr. Vishal Sood is an expert in online Learning Management System and hosts programs and learning platforms used by educational and training organizations nationwide in USA as well as many countries outside the US.

ToothCe LLC is a Texas-based educational company founded by Dr. Puttaiah and Mr. Vishal, together whose 47+ years of expertise is primarily focused on non-commercial Dental Safety education for the dental team. We translate state-of-the-art knowledge in dental safety into daily practice. Our primary focus in three mandatory fields that require training for license renewal (Dental Infection Control, Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) Rules as Applicable to Dentistry, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Texas House Bill–300 (HB-300)).



Provide every Dental Clinic in the United States of America state-of-the-art knowledge, improve attitude and implement safer practice in Dental Safety


Provide an unbiased and a non-commercial platform in Practical Infection Control, Occupational Safety, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability to foster safe practices

Provide a step-by-step approach using a Learning Management System in improving knowledge, attitude and practice with evidence-based scientific information in Dental Safety